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Hunting / Fishing

Hunting in real wilderness

When staying with us you can decide yourself how to spend your time here. Should it be filled with activities, just quiet relaxation or a great combination? We are working with guides, instructors and cooks to create a package that suits your group.

Examples of experiences in Stensjö Wilderness:

  • Hunting Experiences (hare, moose, grouse or ptarmigan)
  • Mountain hikes
  • Fishing Experiences
  • Leadership Training
  • Conflict Management Courses
  • Team Development
  • Courses in hunting and shooting
  • Dog training courses
  • Guided tours in nature reserves
  • Lectures on our northern animals
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Wildlife watching
  • Tracking wildlife

And more ... Contact us for more detailed information about each activity.

Hunting of all kinds 
We offer guided hunting adventures with pointing dog (both grouse and ptarmigan), barking, driving or spitz dogs. You can also go on top hunting and grouse hunting on skis. The area has a fixed strain of beavers. Bear hunting is offered based on availability. See our offers in the links to the right