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The complex

Our cabins and facilities

Stensjö Wilderness lies on the border of Jämtland and Västernorrland in Sweden. Here you will find unspoiled nature and ancient forests. We can offer our guests 4 000 hectares of land with eleven private lakes.

Cosy cottages 
The area has 12 cabins including 6 of timber with 2-6 beds each. The cabins are heated with wood and have gas stoves. One of the cabins has a handicap ramp and one of the walkways are handicapped accessible. We also have an allergy cottage where pets are not allowed.

Fully equipped conference room 
Our conference room is equipped with large screen TV, transparencies, flipchart and whiteboard. As an option, internet (up to 3Mbit/sek) and a projector is available. Other technologies can be arranged as desired. 16 persons can be seated in our conference room.

Restaurant with full rights 
Our restaurant offers exclusive delicacies of local produce. Read more under "food".

Spa close to nature  
At the waterfront there is a sauna and hot tub heated with a wood fire.